Why You See Popups in Your Cell Phone


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You may have experienced this thing; surfing the net using your cell phone and suddenly you see popups on your screen. There are even those annoying popups that won’t go away. You will then start to think if your cell phone infected malware or has been hacked.

Although it might seem possible that your cell phone has been hacked, this is not just the only reason you see popups on your phone. There are other possible reasons for these popups such as:Adware Infection

If your phone browser is continuously popping alerts despite your efforts of taking precautions, it is highly possible that your cell phone is already infected by a particular type of malware called as adware. This causes ads to pop up on infected phones forcing users to see specific pages which turn revenues based on clicks.

This can also popup ads for downloadable contents like games that when installed can have more significant consequences for finances and data of users. This is more applicable to Android users since the incidence of malware in iOs is ultimately low because of Apples very restrictive app store policies.

Malware can also land on cell phones using downloading bad applications or using surfing to sites compromised by drive-by downloads allowing malware to essentially instigate itself in users’ device without having to click on anything.Fake Virus Alerts

Common scams circulating among iOS and Android users are fake virus alerts, popup windows which tell users that their device is already infected. These common alerts are usually believed to be coming from Apple and Google and contains remove virus button that links you to supposed security application and phone number to call for assistance and support. This aims to scare users to downloading malware and in case of a phone number, revealing important personal details to tech support.Hijacked Sites

The popups you see in your cellphones might be part of malvertising trends wherein malware makes this to ad networks and distributed among a network of numerous sites. Even those reputable websites can be hijacked without the admins realizing it. Hijacked websites can also redirect you into web pages that you’ve never clicked on even after restarting your browser.Obnoxious Ads

You have probably seen and heard about these types of ads. These can sometimes include huge banners, sneaky auto-playing music and unasked for popup windows. These are all considered as intrusive ads which disrupt the browsing experience of users’ browsing experiences while at the same time offering zero benefits to purveyor. After all, you are not liking or clicking it. Recent surveys revealed that a high percentage of individuals dislike ads and more even dislike mobile ads making popups on phone one of the highly obnoxious beasts.Website Notifications

Another reason why you see popups in your cellphone is that the website you open in your device was allowed to push alerts and all you have to do is to push alerts then tweak the setting to prevent sites from sending the notifications.

There are just a few of the cited reasons behind those annoying popups in your cell phone. If you take the time to research further, you will surely discover and understand the other factors that make this scenario happen more often. Nevertheless, popups are not things to be afraid of since there are also helpful ways to avoid these popups from appearing over and over again on your phone’s screen. There are also an array of lists of possible ways and techniques on how to fix this issue that you can readily find and access online.


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