The Most Effective Workout Routines

The four biggest types of workout groups is strength, endurance, balance and flexibility that you should include in your weekly workout routine for optimal results.

The different kinds of endurance workouts: Running, rowing, spinning, the plank and jumps. The goal is to increase heart rate and get your blood pumping while contracting your muscles as many times as possible for your muscles get too tired. It’s essentially a cardiovascular workout. The many benefits of endurance workouts is improved physical and mental health, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, burn fat and lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Strength workouts includes: Weightlifting, pull-ups, resistance band, squat holds, push-ups. Strength exercises are mostly for building muscle mass and is one of the most popular exercise. The goal to strength workouts and building muscle mass is by working the muscle until it rips, by doing this the muscle grows back bigger and stronger. Benefits with strength workouts is build strength, bigger muscles and tone, stronger joints and reduce the risk of arthritis.

Flexibility workouts are very important to avoid injuries during training and perform exercises.Ways to improve flexibility is through stretching and workout through doing yoga, use resistance bands and pilates. Stretching is something you can do every day even if its just for a small amount of time. Flexibility workouts are beneficial for avoiding injuries to joints and muscles. Increase range of motion, better posture and it also lowers stress levels.

Incorporating balance workouts is essential for us to even stand up straight. Increase stability, improve speed and reaction, less chance of falling and injure yourself. Balanced focused workouts are yoga, pilates and martial arts. A typical workout could target the lower body to improve balance or the core for stability.

Exercising and moving your body in general is very important for your physical health as well as your mental well being. An adult should exercise for at least 30 min every day. The amount of exercise and what kind of workout it is really depends on the person and their personal goals. There’s a lot of different types of workouts, within each different categories, there are so many more different styles and various exercises that you can try and you will never get bored!


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