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Know your Browser
Browsers that making browsing easy …
Browsing has been our favorite activity ever since we knew what internet was. Most of us would have just begun using the internet with browsing random things. And that’s what we still do. Browser, in simplest terms can be described as a computer program used to navigate the World Wide Web. Among the plethora of browsers that are available to us, we choose the one that best suits our Operator.

The current browsers like Google, Internet Explorer and Safari are the most widely used among all. That’s because they are easy to use, secure and support different operations. Google chrome browser being the most acceptable browser for Windows users has certain features that make it so popular. Chrome browser has Task Manager for Websites, which displays all the websites that are open in the browser while you’re in it. It helps you find out how much physical memory is being consumed while you’re working on something. There’s another feature that allows you to choose from five different options to deal with a hyperlink. Another interesting feature of chrome browser is that you can see how much memory is being consumed by other browsers on your computer. All you need to do is open a new tab and type “about:memory” and you’ll a list of those browsers at the top. To keep chrome running perfectly, you might want to update chrome that adds a lot of new features to the browser, making browsing on chrome even fun.

Internet explorer is another such browser, which was probably the popular browser among users in the earlier days. Over time, internet explorer has come to lose its popularity but the features it has are remarkable. It has virtual search providers that make your browsing convenient as you see a preview with pictures and some description related to your search.The browser also monitors the impact of add-ons that are active and are a reason why your computer slows down while browsing.
For Mac users, Safari plays a similar role when it comes to browsing, that is it’s convenient and compatible. Safari comes with its own features as well. The new Safari reader enables easy reading of web content by pushing back the less important content and blocking unnecessary ads. Compared to other browsers, Safari also claims to be the fastest browser.
With so many browsers to choose from, install the one that goes with your system operator and browse through your favorites and stay well informed about the world. Happy browsing!


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