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Talk about Best Currency Converter Apps for Android 2018 to Download Now
It’s time to keep yourself updated with the foreign exchange through your android phone. Yes, you heard it right! Now you do not need to be the foreign exchange trader to stay updated with the currency converter sequences. So many amazing apps are available on your Android platform. Let’s talk about those apps:

1. XE Currency:
XE Currency is named to be one of the best well known foreign exchange apps for you. It is used highly by the tourists and by the dealers. This app will be providing information related to the rates and currency exchange charts. You can also easily set the XE Rate Alert to monitor the currencies for the scale of notifications thoroughly. It also stores the updated value of the latest coins too.

2. Easy Currency Converter:
Easy Currency Converter provides you with a maximum 180 coins through the access of live exchange rates and offline mode. All you have to do is to set up your favorite currencies list. This app will also let you monitor the prices through the use of a graph. This graph ranges from 1 day to the scale of 5 years. It also supports bitcoin.

3. ConvertPad – Unit Converter:
ConvertPad is another one of the popular money converters for your android app 2018. This app will be working as the unit money converter. It also performs the functions of the currency converter and also as the currency and unit calculator. ConvertPad is simple with the user interface and has a handy set of features. It will be delivering real-time currency swap and unit conversion rate information for the user. Through the latest version of this app, you can also get access over the voice search for the money you have been searching for.

4. Mobile Converter:
Mobile Converter is last on the list for you! This is a simple application to use right now. It will be letting you select out from the eight currencies. It will also update the live rates of all the currencies. The app also works on offline more over the last rate updating you receive upon. This app is also available in so many different languages. If you want to keep a check on the forex rates, this app is perfect for you.
So get ready to learn about the latest updates of currency exchange by using all such amazing android apps 2018 right now!


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