Convert PDF To Word


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PDF files aren’t designed to edit or make any changes that’s why having to convert it into a word document might be a good choice. The easiest way to convert a PDF file into word is to go to a free online site such as to convert your file. Start with uploading your file, wait for it to convert into a word document and then download that file, it’s an easy and fast way to convert a PDF file into a word document. There are also existing apps available for converting files. Both apps and websites has limits, some can only convert a maximum of five pages, some has an image limit, word limit etc. Keep in mind that some applications give more accurate results than others.

To convert a Word document into a PDF, just click the save as and then click the file format, PDF, name the file if it doesn’t have one and then click export.

To convert Mac Pages to a PDF, Word etc. Have the page document open. Go to the upper left menu-bar of the screen and click on File, then on export to and then chose PDF or word, chose a name and where to place the file.


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