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It´s not only about gold and silver, is it?

First some jewelry and diamond history
before surfing to a top diamonds and jewelry store.

Jewelry has been used for centuries as personal accessories and ornaments worn on the body or on clothes such as rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, cuffs etc.

The form of jewelry that were used vary greatly from different cultures and parts of the world but also between sexes, children and adults. They have and are being used to pin hair and clothing in place, as social and personal status like, wedding rings and for social status to show wealth. For artistic and aesthetic purposes and symbols for personal meanings, such as love or luck.

The normal material used for jewelry is durable material, mostly metals and gemstones. Metals such as gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium and platinum. Gemstones, is a piece of mineral crystal, cut and shaped into jewelry. There are also rocks that are used for jewelry such as jade, opal, pearl and amber is considered to be in the same category as gemstones. One of the most popular gemstones are diamonds. Diamonds are clear but can have different colors because of impurities such as nitrogen and boron. Diamonds has a long history of being highly valued because of its physical simplicity and most sought after because of the popularity of engagement diamond rings. It symbolizes for many love, power and purity.

Other very popular gemstones is ruby, with a beautiful pink to deep red color and represent passion and power. Sapphire exists in many colors but the popular color is blue. It represent wisdom and royalty. Amethyst comes in a variety of purple, violet shades and represented royalty but also believed to have healing properties. The stone was less desirable before but has become more popular. Emerald, is colored in different hues of greens and is very desirable because of its deep green color, it represents peace, balance and even healing. Jade is a popular stone in Asia and is linked to asian history and culture, jade is most often recognized by their green color but they can also have many other colors including black and white. They most often represent harmony and healing.

Jewelry are gorgeous but most often also expensive but that has never stopped anyone from getting a piece of jewelry to a loved one before. There are many stores all over the world and a few of the world most leading jewelry stores is Cartier, founded in 1847, Paris. They are one of the most famous jewelers and are known for their jewelry and wristwatches. They also have a long known history of sales to royal members in different countries. Another very famous jewelry store is Tiffany & Co, founded in 1837, they are today known for its diamonds and sterling silver jewelry and known worldwide for their trademark Tiffany blue. Like Cartier, Tiffany & Co has opened stores in many major cities all over the world and so has Harry Winston. Harry Winston is considered to be one of the finest jewelry designer craftsmen ever. Winston founded his own company, Harry Winston in 1932.
Now days I would say buying diamonds is not only for the very rich.
Some of the reasons people buy jewelry and diamonds is; They want to stand out in the crowd and feel special.
They want at the same time make an investment. They want to impress their significant other by buying
engagement ring or wedding ring or any other jewelry such as necklace, earrings etc.
So why not go buy luxury diamonds online in a trusted jewelry store?
Just be sure it is a trusted store with good reviews!
Good luck shopping for diamonds!
Instead of buying a diamond, you can for sure buy gold or silver jewelry, such
as engagement rings, necklaces etc.
If you want to stay low budget or even invest in gold and silver
You can check out the gold and silver price today!
You should check history prices of silver if you intend to buy or not…


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