About Us

Dear user of RelaxBeHappy.com
I´m an internet enthusiast and business person,
creating different websites in whatever niches people need!
This site is about a topic that has been on the wall
Since internet became a bit popular in the 90s.
Popups, intrusive ads, exit pops, multi unstoppable
Pop ads, you name it! I must say internet is cleaner today
But maybe it has hit a refined ads era , where ads are similar
 to “real” content etc. Nevertheless there still exist ads and
 especially popup ads. This seems, what I heard, to be of
concern for cell phone users mostly where popup ads are
a disturbing fact. So now made this site so whatever device
and browser you are on, you should easily be able to stop ads
and get rid of them, by adjust to correct settings in browser.
Let me know if you have any inquiry about this site
You may contact me any time please.

Swedish Super Expert Jennifer